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Funk Me Recordings is a new electronic music label, created by spanish dj/ producer Fer BR in 2009. After his trademark funky style has been released on some of the most famous techno labels worldwide, he decided to start his own label.

The main idea is to bring the funk back into techno and house., keeeping the old school vibes and groove alive.

Funk Me is owned and managed by Fer BR and managed by MGMX. Fernando Bedrinha, aka Fer BR, is born on October 1984 in Cambados. His first contact with electronic music was around 2000 in a local club at his city, where the insdustrial techno and Detroit were on the loop. In 2003 He started to feel interested about DJs envoirement. Being influenced by Jeff Mills. Finally in 2005 he decided to start his carer. he gets fast use to play DJ and organize sessions because of his background using several softwares.

His influence in regards with techno are artist like Jeff Mills ,Derrick May ,Ben Sims, Valentino Kanzyani , Cristian Varela. On his carear we can find productions from Ben Sims, Phase , Valentino Kanzyani, Marko Nastic, Hertz, Rino Cerrone, Paul Mac, Carl Falk, Cave, Pratap, Markantonio.

His influence can be noticed on the productions at sell on the digital market. He has manage to get top selling potitions for several weeks with his songs, some of them used for artists like Dj Preach O Marco V. He has edited songs in companies like Naked Lunch (Portugal) , Work Hard Play Hard(Holland) , Sub Cult Techno (UK) , Tech Art (Croacia), Corrupted Data (UK) , Stars Traxx (Francia) , Triple (España) or with his own company sello Keep On Techno (España/Croacia), which it is managed with his partner, friend, DJ and producer Pavao Karlovic, aka Wyrus.

Funk Me Recordings will feature works and collaborations from several established names in the techno and house industries but also from rising dj's/ producers with some fresh funky material who share the same vision in this concept.

Funk Me Records has developed in a few years an impressive back catalogue which includes releases from the owners himself, as well from others acts like: Egal 3, Gforty, Kevin Maccallister, Gideon, Thermo, Matteo Baudoni, LXS; Simone Barbieri Viale, Norman Chung, Alejandro Roman, Gforty, Zule, amongst many others.

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