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Frequenza Records is a new Italian-based Techno Label, started by Alex D'elia on February 2009. Run by Alex D'elia & Nihil Young, who also are its main artists, Frequenza is Quickly growing up, becoming one of the few biggest italian Techno labels, and one of the most interesting new techno movements in the global techno scene!

Featuring a huge roster including artists such as Lutzenkirchen, Maetrik, Ramon Tapia, Andrea Doria, Andrea Roma, Ahmet Sendil, Dandi & Ugo, Broombeck, Brian Sanhaji, Edu Imbernon, Milton Channels and many others, Frequenza comes out with its sublabel Frequenza Limited, providing great house/tech-house tunes by most of the biggest names in those genres, such as M.in, Thomas Schumacher, Ynk, David Keno, Felipe Venegas, Marcin Czubala and more!

The concept of the label is based on open-mindedness, and a 360° love for the electronic arts.

This label is certainly going to succeed, gettin more and more popularity due to its high quality releases and the increasing number of charts featured/tipp releases on beatport, vinyl stores and other digital web stores. Keep an eye on Frequenza and stay tuned with us!

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