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French Kitchen



French Kitchen is a label of electronic music and intelligent sounds recipes based in Paris. It was born in 2012 by the chief’s hands of the music duo SuCré SaLé and their cocobeach friends. How to cook. a fashionable sweet and salty Techno recipe: Take a good soft Kick and simmer in a light reverb effect. Add shirleys, crashes and percussions. Sprinkle a good pinch of Balkanique groove. Melt a good motivating base and add it to the mixture. Add the nappees, A few vocals freshly recorded and two returns. Cover in breadcrumbs and let it cook as long as a Rakia.

SuCré SaLé, Sweet and salty in English. This combination of tastes is not often found in French cooking/cuisine, except for ‘rabbit with prunes’ and ‘canard à l’orange’ and is found more frequently in other countries.

Nick Tones & Romano Giorgio are ‘sweet and salty’. One is not a ham and the other is perhaps a little bit more. You eat one of them and also the other but you shouldn’t.

The duo « SuCré SaLé » is the result of two Deejays/Producers and also by default, friends, who came together for the pleasure that electronic music gives them. With a rhythm House and ‘minimalist, the two friends write their story via their travels which they try to transcribe for the better and the worse. A subtle mixture of percussions, and tribal sounds finely combined with a Techno Blanquette. A guaranteed trip during their sets which will bowl you over just like a tarte tatin which is still hot.

Artists on this label includes: Alejandro Mosso, Arno Kamaz, Möggli, Sucre Sale, Larsson, Nicone, Luna City Express, Chick Luv Us, Alfred Heinrich, Andri, Anthea, Giuseppe Cennamo, Ferro, Medeew, Philip Bader, Marcelocura, amongst several others.

4 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 4.    

4 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 4.