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freitag limited



Freitag Limited was established in the summer of 2010, with agents in London, Zurich and Amsterdam, as an offshoot of the Freitag events established in 2007 in London by James Monday and Dimitry Slyusarenko, since 2012 with Ross Morse.

Freitag is an independent underground record label representing an international roster of highly resourceful artists, pioneers in the exploration of the possibilities of dark techno, industrial techno, and quality underground.

Freitag collaborates with international DJís, celebrated producers, and many other labels to play a vanguard role in this latest stage of musical evolution.

The labelís vision involves opening doors for gifted young producers of and freeing them to develop their distinctive voices.

The british imprint provides the music consumer with a rich variety of scrupulously constructed and mastered tracks that manifest a startling degree of originality.

Freitag Limitedís back catalogue includes collaborations with a variety of artists such as: Submerge, Dolgener, Lerio Corrado, Tambores Mestizio, Alex Dimou, Muto, Mark Jackus, Meiko, Cajetanus, Ronald Van Norden, Tuseth, Niereich, Caspian, Oliver Morgenroth, Static Sense, Hefty, Memnok, amongst many others.

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submerge & ricardo garduno almost over ep

submerge & ricardo garduno

almost over ep

VÖ-Datum: 06.08.2013
Label: freitag limited
  • 12" Germany
    12" Germany
  • Techno
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