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Freaksound represents the Salzburg based independent music label established back in 2009. Nowadays, the austrian imprint is managed by Junior Freak and Mick Thammer, alongside with the whole Freaksound Crew.

Junior Freak, after several resident jobs and gigs across Austria like: Pacha Ischgl, Beluga, Remembar Linz, Republic Salzburg & many more, build the basic to create his own plattform for his DJ friends in the periphery. This idea moved fastly and so Freaksound was born official in 2004 with their own website to present the crew around Junior Freak with a similar feeling to do djing and productions. At the moment he is also one of the leading Austrian Djs and he can be seen mostly with his Freaksound Crew in all relevant Clubs in the Country in form of Freaksound Session to present the own vision of an electronic music show in and above the boarders to Austria.

Mick Thammer, created his individually sound in the last 12 years. His compromiseless underground sessions are known from Hamburg to Munich and Salzburg to Vienna. He is also managing the new Label of Freaksound with Junior Freak and want to bring the Freaksound flow to many Clubs and ears around the world in next time.

Besides being a successful label, Freaksound started off as an website carrying the same name, a platform with their own vision of an electronic music show, and ever since its inception back in 2004, the site has presented their flow of gigs aroung Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Greence, Italy in the form of Freaksound Sessions.

Afterwards, followed the creation of their Radioshow called Freaksound Radio Motel, a podcast that shows DJ sets from the crew and some selected guests from their environment.

Due to the succes of their website and their radio audience, in 2009, the Freaksound Crew decided it was time to step on, and so they founded the Freaksound Label, a platform for the Freaksond Crew's releases as well as collaborations with other artists.

And, finally, freshly in 2011, the Freaksound Crew didn't stop there, and took a step even further, creating their own Club called ''Freaksound Klubhaus''. The Club is a non-profit union and the team's goal is to offer DJS and production workshops and clubnights every Saturday.

Sublabel: Freakadelle, the vinyl and digital corollary of the club members' subcultural understanding of innovative non-commercial club music.

Freaksound's artists roster includes acts like Mick Thammer, Gerald Peklar, Jürgen VonBank, Markus Leu, Ordnas, Andrew Deluxe, Altberg, Fred Kreeger, Chris Wögl, Felician, Florian Zimmer, Lux Laabmayr, Mad Rider, Pawa_, Ordnas, Michael Schlick, MarkMechanik, Sebastian Danz, amongst many others.

Freaksound's motto: ''Fine Selected Music For Fine Selected Ears!''

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