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Freaks Like Us Entertainment



Freaks like Us Entertainment:

"FREAKS LIKE US” is the Label Imprint of well known Deejay & Producer Lars Schneemann
His Music Label focuses on releasing Songs for the Freaks of Nu Rave, Fidget House and Breakbeats … Artists like f.e. A.G.Trio, The Passive Resistance, Dirty Disco Youth, Top Flop, Elektropusher and Lars himself sharing their musical Vision with the worldwide Nu Rave and Fidget Community.

„the only one what we need are: DIRTY SOUNDS like Fidget / Breaks / Nu Rave / Electro so it will works!“, says founder lars schneemann - „…because first of all, the label sound aims to focus on music for the floors and clubs.“

DEMOS SUBMISSION POLICY if you wish to send us your music for consideration,
please follow these very simple guidelines: we don’t listen to music in myspace players, so please upload your productions and information material to a webspace (such as yousendit, rapidshare) in high quality mp3 format (min. 192kbs)and send us the link via myspace message, via email to demo@freakslikeus.de or send your track to our DROPBOX on soundcloud.com - we will contact you unrequested. thank you!