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Flaximal was foundet in 2011 by Mark Miquel. At the beginning Flaximal just worked as a pool to support local artists and upcomming talents. The stock of great unreleased material keeps growing day by day. But now Flaximal get even more than just a place for locals, more and more it becomes a platform or a kind of music community. We noticed that our musicians needed such a thing like Flaximal, to promote their music and get support for their productions. Flaximal is growing every day of the feed from brilliant unknown artists. Flaximal´s main style is Techno, Minimal, Tech-House & Trance. The next step in 2012 is the release of the label´s first big debut. Flaximal is also co-working together with other germany based well known record labels like Tetsuo from Frankfurt. A next upcoming release in 2012 is a remix of Ricardo Redivo´s (Bonzai Records) trance killer hymne "Shaft".That remix will be available in spring at every online store worldwide. Be prepared for more upcoming awesome output and creative unheared work of Flaximal in 2012.