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flash records



Record Label

Dance-, House-, Electronic

Owner, Founder, Management:
Sören Edelmann, Tim-Oliver Bieler

Label adress:
Mischenbachstr. 12
57290 Neunkirchen

Label contact:
Tel.: 0049-15127529670
Email : info@flash-records.com

Label biography:
Flash-Records was founded 2008 by Music Producers: Sören Edelmann & Tim-O. Bieler.
After a time starring other music projects like playing piano in a chorus, they decided to create their own electro-music label. At first, to back up their own music and in near future to support other talented artists & producers. Since then they?re working hard to get the music heard all around the globe. First releases on the label include quality house / electro and dance music. But there'll be much more high quality releases following in near future.

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