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Fire Music



Fire Music is a fresh electronic music label with a wide and open minded music vision.
The idea of Fire Music was born from Austrian artists Ned Rise and D-Tex ~ Can´t Beat The Beard. During downtime at their day job in a home for the mentally unwell, they would share ideas about the music they love and the music they were working on, discovering that they would make a perfect team. They decided to start their own label.
Why did they name their label Fire Music?
Two reasons ? first, like most musicians, they burn for their music. Second, ?Fire Music?, spoken in the Austrian dialect, sounds like ?party music?. For them, it´s the perfect label name ? burning for the music and partying with it.
The label was established in 2011 and started building a core artist pool including Mike Smile, MKID, Adrian Flux, Ned Rise, D-Tex. Following on from that, they got support from remixers like Smacs & Patrick Kong.
Music made by real enthusiasts. Nothing more to say.