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etichetta nera



Etichetta Nera represents the Tech House label based in Naples, Italy and established in 2010.

Born from one of the most influential vinyl distributors in Italy, Etichetta Nera will bring you hot tunes, produced by the best underground affirmed and new comer Italian artists. Releases will be on vinyl and digital.

For their first release the Italian imprint has one the the best upcoming Italian talents, Francesco Bonora who is well known for his productions on Frequenza Ltd. He produced these wicked tracks together with Mirko one of the minds behind Electronix Network. A1: Apice is a killer hypno tech track, B1: Indice is a Detroit influenced monster tune.

Although is quite fresh on the music scene, the Italian label, Etichetta Nera has developed in its 3 years since its inception an impressive back catalogue reaching over 30 releases from acts like Francesco Bonora, Danilo Cardace, Simone Burinni, Scott Fraser, Alex Magno, Manuel Cass, Miriam Macri, Alessio Collina, Audioone, Sejon, Stefano Kosa, amongst many many others.