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enliven music



Enliven Music represents the label run by Enliven Deep Acoustics and launched in 2006.

Enliven Music is the music label founded in the middle of Germany, in the deepest southern harz-woods. Our task is to produce great records which will guide you brotherly through your clubbing weekends, but also to refresh your mind after work. Enliven Music comes from the heart and goes straight to your heart. Be curious about the first releases by Enliven Deep Acoustics and their guests!

In the middle 90's there were two guys coming together to create a new sound. After years of pimpin' the wheels ofsteel, they decided to found the project "Enliven DeepAcoustics". In this case they melt all their different influencesto a modern clubsound, a mix of minimaltechno, deephouse,dubfunk and electronica styles. Enliven Deep Acoustics consists of David Kohlmann and Marcus Rein. These two guys are not so different like it seems to be at the first look. They both have a diversified preference for many kinds ofmusic and they love the stage, where they collect impressions for the records and test fresh experiments byblowing the speakers.

They found Enliven Music to put out their mind squashing sounds, that you can define as minimal-deep-jazz-tech-e-funk or something else.

Watch out, our first releases are available and the next are prepared. So don't hang about like gambling squirrels, just be enliven!

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.