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EevoNext is a label emerging from the fundaments of Eevo Lute Muzique, one of the most influential techno labels from Eindhoven, Netherlands. Starting in November 2006, it brings a monthly release of a featured artist as a high quality download with emphasis on quality and playability. Available from the EEVONEXT.COM web store and established online stores like iTunes, Beatport and others. The dutch imprint is a digital label run by Stefan Robbers (Terrace) from Eindhoven in collaboration with Amsterdam-based DJ/producer Esther Roozendaal (Estroe) and techno musician Klaas-Jan Jongsma (The Moderator).

EevoNext is a digital music web shop and label, and since its creations, it has opened its virtual doors and presented new releases on a regular basis. EevoNext will present a new release every month, beginning in November 2006. These releases will also be available through renowned online music stores, such as I-Tunes,Bleep and Beatport . Each EevoNext-release will consist of at least four tracks, including a remix by one of the EevoNext-artists mentioned above.

EevoNext is built upon the impressive foundations of Eevo Lute Muzique and since 2006 Estroe and Stefan Robbers have jointly taken the label into the future with a new generation of producers helping define the label in the new digital domain. The music that EevoNext showcases varies from elegant, deep, techno, ambient, soundscapes and house, as represented by artists like newcomers Monomood and Nadia Struiwigh and renowned artists with very Detroit style sounds such as Terrace, The Moderator, Stephen Brown, Justin Berkovi, Colin McNeil and TJ Kong. Then we have artists with a background in composing for TV and movies such as Art Bleek and Dan Grain and artists equally known for their hectic global DJ schedules like EevoNext A&R ambassador Estroe and Ian O’Donovan and electronic mavericks who experiment with sounds and frequencies like Fraknoise. Collectively these artists reflect the vision of EevoNext perfectly.

The label further gives artists extended promotion using modern techniques like rss-feeds, podcasts and a promo-pool where member dj's get the downloads automatically on release for direct exposure of the artist in the clubs. Every month there is a free download of dj or live set and the possibility of booking a label night with featured shows of the label's artists and dj's.

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