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Drumma Records



Drumma Records is born in Santiago, Chile, in 2011, under the direction of Felipe Venegas (Cadenza, Cecille, Fumakilla). Felipe Venegas Bio it's loud, it's Latino, and it's certainly not holding back. Felipe studied classical music traditions some years back and we're awfully glad he did since his scholarly days he's ventured into more electronic realms, retaining a rhythmic, percussive feel that we just love. His accomplished live set has found its way onto Chilean line-ups along side the likes of Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano and others - expect to see more of this burgeoning talent in the months to come. The music of Felipe Venegas he is played for the big stars of electronic music of the world, some names: Loco dice, Karrote, Luciano, Ricardo Villalobos, Agoria, Danny Tennaglia, Josh Winx, Boris Werner, Junior Sánchez, Laurent Garnier, Danny Fiddo, Hernán Cattaneo, Ramón Tapia, Mihalis Safras, Mathias Kaden, and many more.

The imprint searches for a new platform for electronic music based on clear rhythmic intention, organic expression and with a club orientation.

Drumma does not shy away from innovative sound; this is exactly what keeps music alive and what the label searches for. Drumma constantly looks for original, dedicated and talented artists.

Drumma launches its first release on vinyl! The Chilean label has already gained great support from artists such as Luciano, Mathias Kaden, Radio Slave, Alex Kid, Alex Picone, Davide Squillace, Martin Eyerer, Luca Saporito (Audiofly) and many more. ''Felipe Venegas and Friends Volume 1'', this spectacular EP comes with collaborations by Mathias Kaden, Cesar Merveille, Pablo Cahn and Felipe Venegas. Each track is very unique and specially crafted for specific moments on the dancefloor. The Builders is a beautiful organic composition that explores melody and percussion across an emotional trip. In >Verano Chile 2011< a driving deep vibe is accompanied by great synths and intense rythmic work. This track will make people groove. The final track >Huitoto< is a great option when you want to make the dancefloor bump: the vocal and beat return from the break in a very epic moment. Whether you want to explode with Huitoto, groove with Verano, Chile, or make the crowd fly with >The Builders< this EP is very complete and will never let you down.
Drumma Records is the favourite home platform for artists such as: Leo Jefferson, Fantasma, Marcman, Jorge Savoretti, Juan Zolbaran, Iovan Iorgovan, Pablo Cahn, Felipe Venegas, Deep Square, Bruno Schiavi, Butano, Cesar Merveille and many others.

4 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 4.    

4 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 4.