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Drois represents the Label based in UK and founded by Idjut Boys.

Idjust Boys are the DJs and producers duo based in London, UK. They are the founders of U-Star Records, Noid Recordings, Cottage and Droid. The Idjut Boys have been around since many years, helping to establish a movement with no name. Their reputation is mainly based on their excellen dj-sets and their edits.

From their North London studio, Dan Tyler and Conrad McDonnell (aka the Idjut Boys) have run three record labels and produced their infectious dub-heavy disco sampling house for many more. They formed their first label, U-Star, in '94 on the back of their successful club nights of the same name.

Idjut Boys are icons of the dance music scene and legends in their own right is an understatement. For nearly 20 years, Conrad McDonnell and Dan Tyler have been doing everything together, from DJ’ing to producing to partying. The self-taught Brits met in the late 80s at clubs that the likes of DJ Harvey spun, and shortly thereafter, hooked on the lifestyle, decided to switch from being mere observers to participants and auteurs.

Over the course of their tenure, they’ve founded three record labels (U-Star, Noid, and Droid); released copious amounts of edits, 12″s, and albums by themselves and their peers; and traveled the world countless times around. Somehow, though, save for the Meanderthals album they crafted with Rune Lindbæk, they never managed to make an original long-player. That is no longer the case! On July 23, the Idjuts dropped Cellar Door through Oslo’s Smalltown Supersound. The full-length may not be what anyone expected―it’s decidedly a “listening” album as opposed to a “club” one―but, if there’s one thing that’s remained consistent with the duo, it’s that one can never foretell what they’ll pump out next.

Best described as eclectic (or, to the uninitiated, eccentric) their DJ sets are typified by an anything goes attitude. Disco, electro, r&b, soul, house, techno, hip hop, pop & rock. Anything works if it fits in the mix.

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Label: droid
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