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Dream Beat Records represents the italian music imprint, a division of J.T. Company founded by Joe T. Vannelli and located in Milan. Joe Montana, Italian Dj and producer, born in northern Italy, in the city of Trieste, near the Slovenian border. He started spinnin' records in the early eighties alongside lots of worldwide known names in the sphere of house music.

Besides his interest in Djing, he also played punk and rock, also electronic sounds on his guitar-bass in a 80's band.The fact had a major impact on his musical choices and widen his horizons from than on, confirming his great talent and passion for anti-conformism.

Being an impressive technician on the turntables, combining every possible sound in an awesome way, he is also known by his unique productions, the first of them released in 1991; soon afterwards labels like Strictly Rhythm, Discocaine,Stickman,Aquarius,DeepTouch,Dream Beat,Zenith Ibiza,Made In Hong Kong,Hole.

In 1989, Joe T. Vannelli started building his own record studio in Milan, founded the team of JT Company and a label with the same name (JT Company). He then formed many new labels: Dream Beat, DBX Records, Muzic Without Control Records, Clubbin' Records and 909 Records. By far the most successful of those was DBX, which launched the career of Robert Miles — one of the most celebrated Italian musicians of the 1990s, with such massive hits as "Children" and "One on One" to his name.

JTV continues to lead from the front in Italy`s burgeoning electronic scene. He is a seminal figure in the development of electronica in Europe and, after nearly 30 years in the business, remains one of its most influential DJ-producers.

Dream Beat is the home for a variety of artists such as: Amii Stewart, Joe T. Vannelli, Janice Robinson, Tony Bruno, Kathy Sledge, Sara Parker, The Island Groove, Darryl D'Bonneau, Keith Thompson, Chocolate City, Francois K, Del Gado, Csilla, Muzzaik and many many others.

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various artists supalova club vol. 16

various artists

supalova club vol. 16

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Label: dream beat

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