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doppler records



Doppler Records represents the UK based House label run by Chris Lyth aka Jacksonville and founded in 2009.

Yorkshire born and bred though now relocated to Edinburgh, Lyth has been playing his trade as a studio engineer and producer since the early nineties under various guises and originally making tech house. However, it is as Jacksonville that in recent years he has settled into a groove and identity that he seems particularly comfortable with, knocking out a nice line in deeper beats mostly for his own label Doppler Records.

Jacksonville productions are a sophisticated blend of captivating melodies, hypnotic deep baselines and glitchy percussion, which always include that all-important killer groove. This means they translate well to the dance-floor where his live sets are the perfect showcase for his unique sound whilst providing an exciting and memorable experience for any crowd.

Jacksonville has a very decent pedigree having worked with labels such as Plastic City, Shanti, Thug Records and Gorge's imprint Katchuli as well as owning and running his own label Doppler Records.