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Do It Yourself was started in 1993 just as a “production team” from an idea of Max Moroldo, and only in 1995, with Molella on board, it became a true independent record label. Do It Yourself immediately achieves a prominent position in the music industry, becoming a real point of reference in the dance market. Till now, Do It Yourself has sold more than 6,000,000 records worldwide.

Several among the artists produced by Do It Yourself achieved international success: Gala, Molella, Sagi Rei, Regina, The Soundlovers, Carolina Marquez, Adamski, Nicola Fasano, Steve Forest, Outwork, Lexter, Eddy Wata, Paul & Luke, Spankers, Den Harrow and Gatto Panceri (who sold 24 million copies as author of Andrea Bocelli and Giorgia’s “Vivo per lei”).

Further to in house productions and the excellent results achieved during the years, Do It Yourself has licensed in – not only for the Italian market – lots of tracks, and some of them have become true gems, like “Flat beat” by Mr. Oizo (the soundtrack of the Levi’s advertising campaign featuring the fantastic puppet Flat Eric), “I begin to wonder” by J.C.A., “Womanchild” by Duke, “Moovin' too fast” by Artful Dodger & Romina Johnson, “Bailando” by Paradisio, “Vamos a la playa” by Miranda, and also tracks by Guru Josh, Fragma, Public Enemy, Roger Sanchez, Todd Terry, Scooter, Atb, just to name a few.

Currently, Do It Yourself operates through 7 different imprints: Do It Yourself (DIY) for dance music; Do It Yourself Strategic Marketing for pop and special products; Glitter Records for house Music; Black Strawberry for tech-house and electro-funk, Cinnamon Flava for electro and progressive house; Do It Yourself Italia (DIYI) for Italian pop music; Do It Yourself Entertainment for the world of entertainment, like DVDs, games and new technologies (Do It Yourself has been the first company in Europe to market the DVD-Plus format, with the Audio CD on one side and the DVD on the other one, much longer before than the Dual Disc were manufactured: the first one has been realized for Disney Channel).

Today, with more than 15 years experience in the record industry, Do It Yourself is one of the leading independent labels worldwide, and, at the same time, one of the most prestigious publishing companies in the music business, with more than 3.500 titles, including worldwide hits such as Gala’s “Freed from desire” and Pitbull’s “I know you want me”.

Do It Yourself, in the last few years, has also become one of the founder members of Made In etaly S.r.l., one of the Italian leading companies in aggregate, promote, distribute and market of audio and video digital content.

Do It Yourself Music Group S.r.l.: no more a music label but a “music company”.

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