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Disturbed Recordings is an independent Drum & Bass music label created in June 2003 by Marko Russiver and Teddie Wardi, based in Estonia and Finland.

Marko Russiver aka Souru, sits at the top of the Estonian drum and bass cene, running Tallinn based Disturbed Recordings, Estonia's first drum 'n bass imprint, which has turned heads across the globe and is achieving swift international recognition and acclaim, headlining massives in Tallinn and broadcasting to 10000 listeners on his weekly Showdown FM show. Not to mention an arsenal of gigs under his belt, spanning from Estonia to Russia and almost everywhere between.

The main purpose for starting the label was due to the incredible amount of talent throughout the Estonia, Finland and Latvia area. No outlet for their music was available - no stepping stones to build on.
Subabel : mentally disturbed Recordings. The decision came in early 2003 to lay the foundations for a whole new movement. Disturbed Recordings focus is to put out an eclectic selection of beats: from the melodic, deep and soulful rollers to the cement sloshing jagged basslines and acidic chords of what has become "future step". The only thing common with all Disturbed music besides its quality is that its aimed 100% at the dancefloor.

Artists on this label : Corrupt Souls, Subtone & Stalker, Rawtekk, Catacomb, Marko Russiver, Rusher, Psidream, Brainfuzz, Axiom, Future Signal, Teddie Wardi, Fortress, Zero Method, Fourward, Mefjus, Place 2B, Paperclip, Incident, Nphonix, MJ Free, Kelle, Maject, Kantyze, Agressor Bunx, Command Strange, Muffler, Redject, and many many others.

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