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Discograph Records represents the French label created in February 1998 by Olivier Lacourt for "the development of French electronic music". The boss of this famous label worked at the mythical BPM Records shop in Paris alongside Sal Russo during the early 90's, also DJ on the local rave scene under the guise "El Gringo" during the glory days.

Through its distribution division, French artists that otherwise would only be known in France, are now known throughout the world. They have moved from their French house origins to now include jazz, world music, pop and rock.

Discograph Records has developed ever since its inception an amazingly rich back catalogue which includes over 600 releases coming up from a variety of artists such as: Bootlight, Aufganf, Giovanni Mirabassi, Eric Legnini, Demis Roussos, Serge Gainsbourg, Olivia Pedroli, Ilene Barnes, General Elektriks, amongst many many others.