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Digital Delight



Digital Delight:

"Music for Adults" . Provocative, deep, raw sounds of Digital Delight. Expressing varieties of electronic music. The mission is to bring something diverse. Expressing in all aspects of underground sound. Our vibe is to enhance your lives.

Digital Delight was established in 2007 when founders Sishi Rösch, and Carlo Martiny first launched the label together. As what was the start of an effortless concept, including, the coming together of individual artists with various styles of house, tech, acid, dub, disco, and making each one of them essential to what Digital Delight personifies. Throwing down some of Barcelona's finest parties with residencies in some of Barcelonas best hot- spots for underground music. Also Including annual events during Sonar. Each artist has a story of their own which only makes them that much more delightful. Sishi Rosch, Diego Moreno, David Garda, Juan Crerar, Miguel Puente, Damian Uzabiaga,and Alberto Santizzo all have a journey to tell. Digital Delight officially launched as a record label in 2010, and with another label in the works, you can only expect pure pleasure; as they are already capturing attention from many important DJ's, and producers.

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6 Articles.      Currently displaying: 1 to 6.