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diamonds and pearls



Diamonds And Perls, or DnP Music represents the Berlin-based record label & distribution with a compilation of music written by local artists, on CD and a limited vinyl edition. DnP was founded in 2003, and what was meant to be a small house label, turned out into the eclectic and far-reaching project, a distributor, a record label and production studio in one.

DnP has taken its time releasing records, selecting a coterie of top notch producers to fill its diverse slabs, such as Henrik Schwarz, Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Matthew Styles, tobias., Efdemin and more. DnP is also responsible for getting records from Mikrodisko, Beatstreet, Contentismissing, Enliven Music, Pastamusik and many more in shops around the world.

Anscorm is the pseudonym for one of the founders and owners of Diamonds and Pearls Music. He has composed his own style of music with computers and synthesizers since the age of 14 and has a diploma in audio engineering. Since his school days he is playing and extending his skills in playing bass, guitar and drums as well as building his own analog synthesizers and programming his own algorithms for sound design. The performances of his projects in the beginning years of dnp music are almost legendary when he played live with large amounts of equipment to achieve an astonishing live sound. His music thrives on the individual sound-design and the combination of modern and classical techniques. Anscorm is influenced by his love of jazz, detroit techno, chicago house classics, early French and German electronica as well as by the sound of modern composers and experimental IDM artists.

Sublabels: Ballad Inc., Diamonds & Pearls Experimental.

Diamonds And Pearls's artists roster includes acts such as: Marcel Dettmann, Ricardo Villalobos, Morten Cargo, EAT, Luciano, Matthew Styles, Anscorm, Efdemin, Half Hawaiii, XDB, Aux 88, Hydergine, Lady Blacktronika, amongst many others.

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Xdb / Even Drones Mitos & Enpii (With Remixes)

Xdb / Even Drones

Mitos & Enpii (With Remixes)

VÖ-Datum: 15.07.2015
Label: diamonds and pearls
  • 12" Germany
    12" Germany
  • House
  • DNP017
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