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destruction records



Destruction Records is a new label founded by Rob Stalker, which stands for extreme Hard Techno and Hardcore music.

Pierre aka "Rob Stalker" was born 1979 in Hamburg, Germany. During his early years he already been interested in electronic music, like (Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, The Art of Noise and many more electronic artists).

At a age of 10 years, he started with keyboards with which he worked a few years to make his own music (Simple melodies and beats). Over the years Rob´s music became harder and changed to hardcore techno and gabba, at a age of 13 he listen to a lot of hardcore cd´s like, Thunderdome, Rave The City, Terrordrome and many more.

Influenced by this hard music he began to produce his first hardcore tracks on an Amiga 500 with tracker programs, he tried also to produce many other style´s like, Break Beat, Jungle, Hard Trance, Psytrance, Acid and Ambient. From the Amiga 500, to Roland-Groovebox machines (MC303 and MC909) up to the PC and infected by many hardtechno parties he found 2006 his main style "Hardtechno".

In 2007 Rob tried to publish his music, he sent his demo-tracks to different labels and found his first release on the Belgium hardtechno label "3SRecordings" which released 2008 his track "Nightmare" on the V/A record (Metaxa Con Grappa). Other V/A releases follow on, Animasola 006 (Animasola EP 2), Fatallic Resignation 007 (Mad Melody EP), Schubfaktor 011 (Hidden Talents EP), DataBlener 003 (Generation Lost EP) and much more releases will come.

Destruction Records wants to release well known artists and fresh unknown talents with a own type of style and wants to publish extreme tracks with nasty, dark, distorted, destroying and industrial elements.

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.