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Derailed Traxx



Derailed Traxx is a independent record label that brings the harder styles in modern dance music, and its parent label is Be Yourself Music. The dutch imprint was founded in 2009 by DJ Recype, a retired artist from The Netherlands who supports the Hardcore/Gabba scene.

Recype started spinning in thebeginning of the 90ties as DJ Manga, in 2007 he changed his name to Recype and was responsible for releases such as: Coming 2 Kill U (with Dr Rude), Or what!? and Set You Up (With D-Tune). In his DJ Career he played at festivals and events like: Dominator, Thunderdome, Nature One, Masters of Hardcore, Outblast Bday, Mindcontroller, Audio Attack and many more.Next to djíng he was a co-host at the Thunderdome Radio show in 2006 but left to be the main host of the Masters of Hardcore Radio show. In 2012 he stopped playing music as a DJ. He still works in the scene handeling the label Derailed Traxx Records (Be Yourself Music) and helping artists catching up with their social media.

Derailed Traxx has two sublabels who divide the difference between hardstyle and hardcore.

Derailed Traxx Grey is the hardstyle imprint and has releases under his belt of Maly, a talented producer from Isreal. His fresh and energetic sound are already played by most of the djs.

For the darker side of the label Derailed Traxx Black is used, starting with a variety of classic's from the old ID&T back catalogue. They manage to give the upcoming talent a piece of action and let them remix there favourit old time classic's.

Derailed Traxx will bring you some sweet candy of the most Hardystyle and Hardcore music!

Artists on this label: Mental Theo, Jeremy, Mental Theo, System:Overload, The Playah, Panic.