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Dense & Pika



Dense & Pika represents the independent music label created and run by the duo with the same name, Dense & Pika. Dense & Pika are UK house & techno producer Chris Spero (also known as Glimpse) & British DJ, producer & Hypecolour co-founder Alex Jones. Their anonymous white label series surfaced in mid-2011 & has been shorthand for jammed-out, club-ready techno.

Dense & Pika are a new techno act, not yet ready to reveal their identities the duo have self released a series of attention grabbing records leading them to being signed to Scuba's game changing imprint Hotflush.

At the end of 2011, at the start of their production partnership, Dense & Pika made the choice not to reveal their musical identities and let the music do the talking on a series of white labels released on their own eponymous imprint. Their super tight and bold productions did the work, getting them widely noticed and they saw a successful year of live dates and media attention followed, as well as a signing to what we’ve already declared here to be one of the most prominent labels of the moment, Hotflush.

The London based duo was breaking into the scene in 2011 with a series of hand-stamped while label 12-inches on their own imprint Dense & Pika, which worked well to get them recognised, while firmly staying anonymous was that all part of the plan. Dense & Pika have since become a must-check facet of true, modern underground techno.

Dense & Pika favor stern machine rhythms, swollen low-end, and a clenched-fist sense of menace that’s not too far off from Turbo’s recent techno releases; there’s something almost tool-like about their relentlessly stripped-back grooves, but they also flirt with unabashedly anthemic dimensions.