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Delsin Records



Delsin represents the Amsterdam based record label, started somewhere 1996 / 1997, and is was founded by Peel Samus. Peel Seamus is the owner and founder of Delsin Records. He started his Delsin label back in 1996 and been responsible for introduction of artists as Redshape, Quince & Newworldaquarium. Peel's dj-sets tend to lend also heavy on the house side.

Started over a decade ago, Delsin has grown to be one Europe's most influential labels dedicated to preserving the heritage of the original sound of Detroit technosoul. Artists like CiM, Aardvarck, Newworldaquarium, D5, Yotoko and Dynarec have had their first releases on the label, with albums coming from Optic Nerve, Future Beat Alliance or $tinkworx. While Delsin has been covering many styles over the last decade - from deep electronica to deep house, abstract beats and electro - it is most commonly associated with the deep drifting techno represented by its new generation of artists like Quince, Taho, Vince Watson or Redshape.

Since their inception, they've been rooted in the traditions of Detroit techno, but they've never been copycats; 15 years in, they carry on a tradition, born in the Motor City, of powerful, emotive, deeply nuanced electronic music that kicks like a mustang and purrs like an idling engine. Artists like Redshape and Conforce mark Delsin's most purist-oriented take on techno, while Lebanon's Morphosis takes the label deep into analog sound design and beat-oriented improv. And Newworldaquarium's 2000 single "Trespassers" is simply one of underground dance music's most compelling tracks of its decade.

Delsin's back catalogue contains releases from acts such as Peel Samus, Cellvoice, CiM, Aardvarck, Norke, Plasm Nesonic, Future Beat Alliance, Optc Nerve, Vince Watson, Redshape, Quince, Djinxx, Conforce. Delta Funktionen, Bleak, John Beltran, amongst many many others.

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