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Deep Night Music (DNM) is a German based house record label serving fresh, most kickin', pumpin', finest house tunes. For us the essentials of house music are a strong bass line, an ear catching melody and a pushing beat combined with finest vocal lines. The house music we stand for you can listen at any time at any place, no matter if it's in the morning, at night, in a club or at the beach – it's all up to you.

DNM wants to promote, release and distribute great music and musicians from all over the world, 'cause nothing is more important than music - we love music and we live music!

Featured artists on DNM:

Paul Lomax, Emil Persson, Salah, The Whiteliner, Oliver Meadow, Tatjana Orffé, Kut&Swel, A.C.K., Luke Lawson, Locomania, D-Part, Stereoliner, 2 Limits, Blackliquid, Peek, Sendos Fuera...

If you think DNM is the right label for your tracks simply drop us a line, we'll get back to you if your music meets our style!