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Darkletvm records



Darkletvm represents the Spanish label created in March 2011, influenced by sounds Techno, Industrial & Hardtechno. Published in both vinyl and digital, co-owned Alfonso Sanchez & Bruno Plaza aka Elektrikall.

The label will release tracks from international artists, always looking for talent and quality music. The Spanish imprint strives for established artists as new talent, giving the opportunity for new producers to demonstrate the quality of their work.

Darkletvm Records is the home platform for a variety of artists such as: Alfonso Sanchez, Elektrikall, Ivan Devero, Tuomas Rantanen, Halley Seidek, Christian Peak, Ival L, Subsonic, Vegim, Carara, DJ Ogi, Gabeen, Rene Reiter, Pussyhaver, Andreas Florin, Darkmode, amongst several others.