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cultivated electronics



Cultivated Electronics is a London based electro label headed by Sync 24. The label's primary focus is to release high quality electro-influenced dance music with a dark and twisted edge.

Born Phil Bolland, Sync 24 has been on a relentless mission over the last decade to spread his uncanny style of Techno Bass to the masses, continuously expanding upon his own accomplishments, and always leaving the listener to wonder: "what will come next?"; sometimes even the occassional: "how does he do that?".

In 2007, Phil Bolland founded the label, “Cultivated Electronics”, which would go on to become one of the first labels to begin releasing vinyl records again, but also a truly iconic imprint, with titles that since that time have gone on to become classic Electro Funk and Techno Bass titles that are a must have in anyone’s record collection. The label kicked it off that year with a self-entitled compilation, featuring works by Abstrakt Knights, Innume, Point 7, and another one of Bolland’s side projects, “Signal Type”, with Matt Whitehead.

The label’s second release would be published in 2008, continuing with their self-entitled compilation E.P.’s, and this time featuring Sync 24’s “Resynth”, Matt Whitehead’s “Spinning Mobile”, ADJ’s “Another Level”, and Junq’s “From Below”. Soon after, the 3rd installment would hit the shelves, featuring Innume’s “Right Down”, Sync 24’s “We Answer”, as well as Signal Type’s “In Abyss”, which featured a remix by Gods Of Technology, and would later be released on the Streetsounds Nu Electro Vol. 1 compilation.

In 2010, nearly 7 years after his first E.P., Sync 24 returned once again with a full release all to himself, this time with, “We Rock Non-Stop”, which was published on his own Cultivated Electronics. Featuring 4 songs full of ingenuity and masterful synth programming, this record was a strong release for the artist, at a time when vinyl seemed to be making somewhat of a comeback, and what was one of the great years for Techno Bass music.

In 2011, Sync 24 and Cultivated Electronics returned with “We Rock Non-Stop Remixes”, which was a digital E.P., with works by Scape One, Clatterbox, and Heuristic Audio; who’s remix would also later be released on Dave Clarke’s Fabric 60 compilation. Also early in 2010, Plant43’s “Ep.105” was released, and featured his remix of Sync 24’s “Resynth”, which as mentioned before, was released on the “Resynth Remixes”, on Cultivated Electronics’ digital sub-label. Sync 24 would later that year also remix Scape One’s, “Substorm”, off of his “Potent Mutagen E.P.”, which was released once again on Cultivated Electronics, and also featured a remix by Dynarec.

Finally in 2012, Sync 24 left us with his incredible rework of one of today’s hottest new artists, Morphology, who returned on Cultivated Electronics, on the 12”, “Information Paradox”, and featured the songs “Information paradox” ( remixed by Sync 24 ), “Escape Velocity”, and “Tangent Spaces”.

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The Resonance Committee Curvepusher Sessions Vol 1.

The Resonance Committee

Curvepusher Sessions Vol 1.

VÖ-Datum: 22.09.2017
Label: cultivated electronics
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