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crossfrontier audio



Crossfrontier Audio represents the Berlin based music label established freshly in 2011 and is run by Marc Poppcke.

Marc Poppcke’s life is all about music. Although he appreciates to produce tracks, loves to remix and knows that his productions are cherished, Marc is foremost a DJ. To play the decks is what he is living for. And this is what he has been doing for about a decade.

This year, Marc will continue to spread the good word and whet the clubbers appetite by sprinkling his magic dust over remixes and productions. Playing in clubs like ‘Watergate’ or ‘Bar 25’ made him become an integral part of the Berlin club scene. By now he has had a lot of international gigs all over Europe showing his vision of electronic club music. Even more, his latest turn has been to set up his own label ‘Soulfooled’ together with Alex Niggemann and Superlounge.

No musical boundary holds him at bay to surprise the people on the dancefloor. He is always searching for the striking impulses in club music to turn the hours on the dancefloor into special and lasting moments. He loves to play long DJ-sets benefiting from to be able to show a total range of his choice of music. His style is sometimes House, other times it’s Disco or else it’s Techno. Who cares? – Marc doesn't because it's always about the four to the floor. And whenever the crowd thinks he got his style he is already up for something else. Marc Poppcke is a DJ on his way to conquer the world’s electronic music clubs.

The opportunity to leave a personal mark with a record label, to bring together new and unsung heroes with old and experienced pros, to combine new things with those that have been tested, and to build something that holds everything together. Like in his DJ sets, Marc Poppcke is not willing to make any compromises and has no respect for boundaries. He wants to cross frontiers.

Crossfrontier Audio includes in its back catalogue releases and collaborations with acts such as: 9West, Daniel Solar, Andi De Luxe, Max Farlane, Soundexile, Los Suruba, Deepnite, Luis Hill, Tom Glass,Yoram, Riccardo Rizza, Soul Button, Deepnite, Marc Poppcke, Cumiks, Espada, Markus Homm, amongst many others.

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Marc Poppcke


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Label: crossfrontier audio
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