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Clubstar Records, the famous leading german House label, from Cologne, was founded 1998 and nowadays the Clubstar Family contains 6 labels: Clubstar, Conya, Soulstar, Little Angel, Lola´s World and Raisani.

Clubstar is the label for bigroom/peaktime house sound and has vinyl/mp3 releases by artists like: Per QX, W.V.P./Mr. Da-Nos, Dirty High ft Shena, Per QX, Stereo Mutants, jamie lewis and many others. On the other hand ClubstarSoulstar releases mix-compilations by clubs like Ibiza Global Radio, “In Bed with Space”, "Harley & Muslce play Deep House" and "Addicted to House" artists like DJ Pippi & Jamie Lewis, DJ Antoine, John Acquaviva and Knee Deep.

Conya Records is the home for deep & warm electronic and hosts talents like Luckystars, Manuel Tur, Jon Silva, Demarkus Lewis, Haldo & Mascaro and many hot talents to come in the near future.

Soulstar and Little Angel are the deep house labels hosted together with Harley & Muscle from Italy, with artists like Jay-J, Gregory del Piero, Hideo Kobayashi, Kevin Yost, Physics and many other, while Lola´s World is the home of global beat and Raisani is Dubais´first and only House Label.

“The Clubstar Session” is the weekly show hosted by Clubstar & Conya A&R Henri Kohn, who is a preacher of the german house scene since back in the day.
Henri Kohn brings you in the zone with his broad horizon of electronic music. Quality house music, always edutaining and hard to pigeonhole.