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club trax



Club Trax, is a new series of records created by DJs, exclusively for DJs. Pressed in a limited amount, Club Trax is only available on vinyl and presents reworks of classic songs from the present and the past.

The second Club Trax outing brings the spotlight back on a '91 classic that moved many mountains and greatly participated in the building of underground culture worldwide and especially in the UK. The Shamen was first founded as psychedelic indie rock band Alone Again Or in the mid '80s before it quickly evolved as one of the leaders of the British acid house scene.
Enrolling the infamous Mr.C as main vocalist in 1990, The Shamen produced 'Move Any Mountains' a year later, which instantly became the anthem of a free, naïve and careless generation: 'Ain't nothing in the world that can hold us back, write down a lyric, put it down on wax.' claims Mr.C in the title's original version.

Now. What we are dealing with here, are four completely fresh Club Trax reworks around the same theme, including two different accapellas and a dub mix in addition to the main version. Crafted according to the most demanding dancefloor's needs, this is a true DJ's delight to be plaid back to back to back!

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Club Trax Vol.1

club trax


VÖ-Datum: 13.04.2012
Label: club trax
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2 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 2.