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ClekClekBoom Recordings



ClekClekBoom was born in 2007, created by Jonathan Chaoul aka Ministre X and Adrien Creuse aka The Boo. The first purpose was to SPREAD the music of the one and only DJ Sandrinho from Rio de Janeiro, king of Baile Funk.

Since 2007 ClekClekBoom has developed a lot to and in 2011 re-structured as a record label owned in part by its artists and bringing on board Steve Paton aka "4th Wave" formerly on Carl Craigs Planet E label, to grow further and is now selling vinyl and digital downloads as well as promoting deejays and producers all over the world.

The ClekClekBoom artist roster now comprises French Fries, The Town, Ministre X, The Boo, Sandrinho DJ (who are associates of the label), plus Coni and vocal talent Sana. They represent UK Bass/Funky, House, B-More/Jersey Club, Rap MUSIC and many more bouncy styles.

The label has already released 3 EPs on vinyl and digital. They are selling via Juno, Beatport, Boomkat and other outlets for quality music. The first EP was French Fries "Champagne/Hugz feat. Bambounou", it sold out in just a couple of weeks on vinyl. The success was major and the EP was applauded by the best DJs in the bass club music scene. The second release came from Coni, "Luz in Pool/Suma/Crush" a house and UK Bass number, wich also appeared in the best charts on Beatport. The 3rd EP is Ministre X "Subtitle of Life" featuring the soul voices of Sana and Romy, release due in February 2012 but has already great feedback.

The label also records a podcast called "The Boomcast" at their studio every two weeks. It's a 90 mn mix, with special international guests from the House & Bass scene such as Toddla T, Scratcha DVA, Marcus Nasty, Ill Blu, Claude Von Stroke or MikeQ, just to name a few. Several podcasts were also made recently for French national radios like Radio Nova and Le Mouv'.

Due to that success, ClekClekBoom has a residency at the number one electronic music venue in PARIS , the Social Club. On since summer 2011 the whole ClekClekBoom crew has played alongside Pearson Sound (aka Ramadanman), Oneman, Addison Groove, BokBok, Jam City, MikeQ and FunkyStepz.

ClekClekBoom is expanding more and more, 2012 should be a big year. Within the coming months, the label will start selling their releases via www.clekclekboom.com to cement their independence and their "savoir faire". Forthcoming EPs are already lined up to be dropped throughout the year with diverse range of artists and material, from underground minimalistic ghetto beats to melodic soulful songs.

Stay tuned, because with quality and forward thinking mentality, this label will grows fast and strong... and you dont want to miss that.