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clap your hands



Clap Your Hands is a young Berlin based label founded by Marcel Knopf. Established in 2010, the german imprint has become a brand for a rough and modern approach to house.

The label´s first releases by Micha Klang, Olene Kadar, Laolu have been receiving great reviews across the press for their rough and modern approach to house. The labels first releases celebrated great successes over the past year and showed the labels diverse orientation without losing the focus on what is really important – the dancefloor.

The german DJ and producer based in Berlin, Marcel Knopf, sets cover a wide range of music and reflect his preferences for Dub, House, Broken Beats and Techno. Fresh, different but always floor-orientated. Since 2002 Marcel Knopf works together with Dapayk on own tracks. "Holpergeist EP" was the beginning of experimental club releases and gave a special sound to the label. "Sine Music" opened a subsidiary in Berlin but went bankrupt after a break-in and sinking sales figures. Marcel moved back to his native city Berlin.

Marcel continued working for Mo's Ferry. 2006, he compiled and mixed the "bits to phono" compilation, which tracks came all from netlabels. In a time of an increasing enthusiasm for digital DJ methods and release ways he took up the cudgels for the Black Beauty: Vinyl. Other 12'' releases like "Lloyd/Narain", "Thinkaboutyou", "Plomosis" followed on the sub label Rrygular.

A couple months later Marcel opened his own imprint `Clap your Hands" for fresh house music and floor rocking tunes. The label´s first releases have been receiving great reviews across the press for their rough and modern approach to house.

In the same year Marcel and the Mo's Ferry Crew succesfully started the I Love Vinyl Open Air to make a statement for their big love- the "black beauty". Due to lots of ambition, love for detail in regards to decoration, line up and sound some of Europes finest including Modeselektor, Monika Kruse, Tiefschwarz, … showing her love and the festival gets appreciated by more and more guests and fans each year.

Clap Your Hands is the home for a variety of artists such as: Anton Pieete, DJ Sneak, Ferdinand Dreyssig, Jesse Rose, M.In, Mat.Joe, Nikola Gala, Olene Kadar, Patrick Podage, Gunnar Stiller, Ian Pooley, Henk, Marcel Knopf, Kadebostan, Luna City Express, Michael Knop, Renzky, The Clover, SkyBoy, Yakine, Rafael Kakudo, amongst many others.

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.