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circle music



CircleMusic is a Mannheim based Tech-House music label, establised in 2004 and was founded by Alex Flatner, and represents a sublabel of Daredo Music. Alex Flatner, initiator and founder, is acting as a creative wheel behind circle, signing the likes of lopazz, Toni Rios, Robert Babicz, Michel De Hey, Greg Stryke, Santos, Sebastien Leger,Gui Boratto, Dan Corco Valentino Kanzyani or Umek. It is the label-founder's intention to produce functional cluborientated music.

The German label Circle Music is standing for high quality Techno at a high production level. Changes in harmony and melody are characteristic for its releases. Circle's spectrum ranges from house inspired records to tracks that make the genuine frenetic live-atmosphere of a club hear- and noticeable. The circle in the label's logo is a symbol for permanent progress and continuous advancement, combining subtle melodic sounds with pushing rhythms. Circle Music is standing for a collective of like-minded producer, a collective that understands itself as an art-community presenting art in a wider sense.

With the first Circle Music compilation The World Of Circle, the label presented itself as a community of artists, as a family, that proclaimed continuous movement, pure power and brilliant soundscapes in various styles which have these three attributes in common. With the new Circle compilation Mechanic Side Of Nature, now released as compilation EP series, the dualism of nature and life is represented in the mechanic character of electronic music art. By that it is possible to give the issue of Circle Music the face of its music: reflecting life consequently with electronic music and digital sound poems in all its facets.

The Circle Music imprint has been releasing quality tech fuelled house music for the last seven years and has a catalogue that includes music from the likes of Gui Boratto, Michel de Hey, Umek & Sebastien Leger.

Artits on this label : Alex Flatner, Asumi, Dan Corco, Einzelkind, Gols, edgar de ramon, Gene Adnew, Eddie Zarook, ASIO, Boris Brejcha, Alinep, guy gerber, Henk, Kered, Markus Mehta, Matches, hermanez, Imerio Vitti, Ina D, Javier Santos, Musoe, Mika Materazzi, Michel De HEy, Lopazz, Sergio Patricio, Slok, Simon Berker, Tom Dazing, Toby Montana, Oscar Aguilera, Reboot, amongst many other ones.

Sublabels: Circle Digital, Circle Studios.