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chilli mint



Chilli Mint Music represents the fresh UK based label established in 2012. This label is a home for new and established producers/ artists who want to showcase their talents and be free to express their output without being labeled or pigeonholed to one style or vibe.

The tean from ChilliMintMusic fully support their artists to express their ideas and emotions in all significant forms,through the elements of Rhythm,Melody and Vibe.

Music is the key here not the Genre.

Chilli Mint Music is proud to be firstly Vinyl based and only after some time they will release certain mixes on the digital platform.

A Very Limited Run of vinyl is pressed,once it runs out...It runs out!...

CMM VA001 is the first out of a two Part Various Ep release from this new & passionate UK based label who's aim is to introduce and showcase some of the first signings they made.

CMM VA002 is the second release out of a two Part Various Ep introducing and showcasing some of the first signings they made for this Uk based label.