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Chicago Damn represents the UK based music label launched in 2011 and run by Chicago Damn.

Chicago Damn arrived on the scene with an instant classic on Marc Es Merc label. Following this was the stunning debut on his own label, as well as acclaimed releases on the excellent Wolf Music & Claremont65 offshoot Sixtyfive.

On its second releases, ‘’18 Levels Ep’’ we have the eagerly awaited follow up, strobelit futuristic warehouse tackle once again, shot through with the enduring spirit of first-wave Detroit Techno and the pared down pulse of Chicago. ATTJOH kicks things off with a beautifully realised lesson in dancefloor dynamism and mood, simplistically constructed for maximum impact in the right hands. On the flip JOH is another heady concotion of intoxicating atmospherics and spikes of acid bubbling up through the sonic stew, with the mood drenched finalé TIME WAITS FOR NO MAN wrapping up another classic EP.