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chic music



CHIC Industries is a music producing company and a
music label which focuses on Artist promotion in Switzerland
as well as on the foreign markets (Europe, Asia and USA).

Our team have worked for five years in this area and due to
launch of numerous Chill House, Deep House and Lounge
tracks, to cite an example as Tito Torres, DJ Boost, Jazz 4,
Studio 15 and Cosmo Notes.

It is our aim to produce qualitative superior entertainment
which is purchasable for every person.

Thanks to professional and requirement oriented concepts,
market analysis, organisation and production, we are able
to offering both, trendy bulk market products and also niched products.

CHIC Industries is not only a music producing company they
are a measure of consulter and business partner for companies
which will use the medium compact disc as the case may be vinyl records.

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