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Chestplate Recordings was founded in August 2007 by Dubstep pioneer Distance, as a means to releasing his own music. The edgy sound that Chestplate is currently known for was evident from the very first release By Distance & Skream 'Political Warfare / Radical'. Since then the quality control bar has always remained high with releases by Benga and Cyrus, not to mention an array of top quality releases from Distance himself such as 'V', 'Victim Support' and 'Menace'.

Voted as one of the top 10 labels in Dubstep for 3 consecutive years in the dubstep forum awards, the next step for Chestplate was to start building a camp. What better way then Tunnidge in 2010, with his now modern classics - '7 Breaths / Fear'. 2011 saw the camp ever expanding with more exiting upcoming artists including Cyrus, District, Sleeper and Razor Rekta.

In April 2012 Chestplate expanded it's reach to the airwaves on BBC Radio 1xtra's Daily Dose Mix roster. On top of that a residency at One of London's most iconic nightlife spots: Fabric, certifies the label at the forefront of the Dubstep music scene. In November 2012 Chestplate went international for the label's debut tour of the United states. Hosting stages at the legendary Outlook Festival in 2012 and branching out to events across Europe in 2013, Chestplate keeps it's foot to the floor! keep locked.