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Carry On Records represents the Frankfurt based music label launched in 2011.

The label’s first release feature the great Chasing Kurt with his ‘’Daydream’’ album. The first release includes fantastic Pawas Remix and is strictly ltd to 300 white couloured copies! Daydream is the twin launch of the newborn deep house project Chasing Kurt and Frankfurt based record label Carry On.

Chasing Kurt is a newborn deephouse project from Gießen / Germany - a collaboration between Pascal Blanché, Wojtek Kutschke and Lukas Poloczek. Pascal and Wojtek, both deephouse lovers for long years, started doing their first tracks but always had the need of a lovely vocal for their songs. Wojtek, himself DJ for a long time, one day played in his hometown - at the same time Lukas worked at a bar in this location and after Wojteks set he was singing some phrases while closing the bar – Wojtek heard his voice and asked Lukas if he would like to jam together.

The track “Daydream“ was the result of their first improvised jam session in Pascals small homestudio. The Kurts were overhelmed about it and found themselves to be good men for doing more of this.

Carry On Records is the home platform for a variety of artists such as: Chasing Kurt, South West Seven, Motorcitysoul, Elef, amongst several others.

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Martin Heimann Salto, Jex Opolis Rmx, 180g Vinyl

Martin Heimann

Salto, Jex Opolis Rmx, 180g Vinyl

VÖ-Datum: 25.04.2016
Label: carry on
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