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carbon audio



Carbon Audio Records represents the Austria based independent music label run by Rene Reiter and Maxx (Polymeric Records) and launched in 2009.

Rene Reiter started to play in the year 2000 and august 2002 he won the DJ-Contest at the legendary Cave Club and became a big part of the austrian clubscene. 2005 he starded his Bodyhammer-Partys and took part at the Unite Parade.

Up to 2012 releases on Vinyllabels like Polymeric (UK), Braingravy (UK),Noradrenalin (PL),Scythe Squadron (PL) and digitallabels on Soundattack (F),Criminal Music (A),Circulate (PL), Crastin (A),Alienforce Digital (MK),Darkletvm (SP) and Astraltech (SP).

Upcoming Vinylreleases on Guild (F), Reborn (UK), Acid Resistance (Columbia), Flatlife Basement (NL) und Carbon Audio Records (A) and digital releases on Flatlife Basment Dig. (NL),Hypnohouse Trax (UK),Central Music Remix (F),Aktivists (F),Skuxx (UK),Astralkicks (SP),Viral Outbreak (Irland),Darkletvm (SP) are planned for the near future!

The first release of his label “Carbon Audio Records” that he managed together with Maxx (Polymeric Records UK) was in 2009.

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.