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Capsula Records is a Techno/Tech-House/Minimal label based in Naples, Italy. The electronic music label was founded in 2007 by Sasha Carssi and is runned by Sasha Carassi and Rosa Cecconi. The concept from this label is the mixture between old school and modern sounds with an hybrid style from techno,minimal to dark and classics elements.

The two artists launched Capsula Records in an ''open-minded'' yound and ambitious great style, and its purpose was to reach a fine target of people and lover of good music ''tech''. The most important concepts of this label are the passion, musical intelligence and experimentation, using an excellent team of international producers and support the vinyl market.

Sascha Carrasi is one of those artists who exudes the air of a seasoned veteran, but this is not just because of the years he has been making noise in the industry; it's his unparalleled skill and work ethic that places him in such a revered position. 2010 was a seminal year for Sasha, as he managed to rise above the flux of producers hailing from his native Napoli. By leaving his mark on labels such as drumcode, Harthouse, Sleaze, Weave and many others, he established himself firmly in the world of serious Techno which nods slyly to the dark side.

Capsula is an established reality with the respect and the support by the top djs and producers all over the world. The italian imprint have also a sublabel called Capsula Digital.

Capsula Records releases have been charted by spektre, slam, Umek, Alex Celler, mark broom, Gregor Tresher, Minimorph, Sintek, Michael Knop, Dave Manuel, Mikael Pfeifer, Gregory Caruso, Rosa Cecconi, Kernel Key, Marco Bars, Eleclove, MiniMode, and many many other.