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cécille numbers



Cecille Numbers

Cecille Number is the sublabel of Cecille Records, created in 2008, and is located in Mannheim, Germany. Its parent label, Cecille Records was established in 2007 by Nick Curly and Marc Scholl. Cecille Numbers focuses on releasing deep & Minimal House and Techno. The two Mannheim-based labels have helped launch the carreers of a hugely successful group of acts. Names likes markus fix, SIS, Robert Dietz, Anthea and, of course, Nick himself can thank the label for their ascent to global renown.

Since the beginning of the labels, the two heads, Nick Curly and Marc S. were always searching for some new talent artists to bring their music direct from the streets to the music lovers. Their first half decade saw the explosion of what was coined the Mannheim sound, but, even after the dust had settled, both labels remain as prolific and influential as ever and, later on, would become a second wave of talent to the label as Uner, Einzelkind, Lee Burridge & Matthew Dekay, matthias meyer, DJ Sneak, huxley, Sebo K, Livio & Roby contributed to their continued success with a range of quality house and techno. As we entered 2012, Cecille unveiled their first artist album – Nick Curly's ''Between The Lines'' which wrong-footed listeners with a more laid-back sound, yet still propelled Nick on a 47-date club and festival world tour.

Cecille parties have taken place around the world, from the terrace of Amnesia Ibiza to New York and back to Frankfurt. Label nights can feature the following acts: Alex Celler & Anthea, Butch, Christian Burkhardt LIVE, Dennis Ferrer, DJ Sneak, Einzelkind, H2 LIVE, ilario alicante, johnny d., Kevin Saunderson, Leon, Livio & Roby, Markus Fix LIVE, Matthew Dekay & Lee Burridge, Matthias Meyer, Nick Curly, Pirupa, Reboot, Robert Dietz, Roman Flügel, Uner, Huxley.

Cecille Numbers is the home for artists like : Jef K, Lemos, Boghosian, Huxley, George G, Leon, Ethyl, Kreon, Alex Piccini, Andre Torquato, Anthea, Markus Fix, Negru, Pele, Livio & Robert, Paolo Martini, Miguel Lobo, Ramiro Lopez, Nick Curly, Shawnecy, Robert Dietz, and amongst many others.