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bordello a parigi



Bordello A Parigi is the dutch label that specializes in vintage electronic music styles on vinyl. The Hague based imprint was founded in 2009 and is run by De Dupe.

Bordello A Parigi first came in everoneís attention with itís debut release back in 2011, the amazing Forever Strangers release from Model Man (aka Dj Overdose). Not only was the music killer but the packaging was sumptuous and this attention to detail hasnít let up since. Thereís been edits, Italo re-issues, mix Cds ( and tapes) alongside new material from the likes of Skatebard and Mario Moretti since and with an already busy first half of 2013 under wraps it seemed like a good time to ask De Dupe aka Otto Kraanen aka that guy who runs Bordello A Parigi to hit us up with a mix. Nicely off kilter and loaded with some awesome grooves, this is ace from beginning to end.

Cult Dutch label Bordello A Parigi has been putting out boss records since early last year. A mix of classic italo styles (such as the D. Carred re-release and Hysteric edits) combined with killer electro (Model Man aka DJ Overdose) and the stone cold wave re-issue of Ein-St-Ein's Varsavia have left a lasting mark. Combining a devilish eye on packaging, design & decor, Bordello A Parigi is one of those 'buy on sight' labels for this hack. With a mini-festival coming up in The Hague in January 2013 featuring Fred Ventura, Intergalactic Gary, Skatebard, Kid Machine, David Vunk and more... there'll be plenty more whores through the doors of the Bordello in 2013.

In the last two years, the young dutch imprint, Bordello A Parigi has developed an impressive back catalogue with releases from acts like: Model Man, D. Carrred, Hysteric, Mario Moretti, Ein-St-Ein, Fred Ventura, Skatebard, Three Of You, Franz Underwear, Rude 66, Also Bergamachine, Greta Vivi, Lippi Lippi, Fremming Dalum, amongst many others.