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Boogie Boutique



Boogie Boutique Records represents the London based music label founded in 2010. The british imprint is a funky fresh label bringing the best NuFunk music to DJs, artists and party people everywhere with an appetite for phat, feel-good, funk fuelled sounds.

On June 2013, Boogie Boutique has announced with great reget that the label is closing. The team had great fun and is extremely proud of the music they released and the brand they built. However, circumstances have led them to the decision of closing the label asking in return to its supporters to keep the party going on,

Boogie Boutique Records served as a home platform for a variety of artists such as: Fenk Ferret, Imagine This, Rollomatik, NineLives The Cat, Subzilla, The Gemini Bros, Roast Beatz, Mys Diggi, DJ B-Side, Russ Cuban, Morlan, Itchy Bastards, amongst several others.

It is with great regret that we announce Boogie Boutique Records is closing. We've had great fun and we're extremely proud of the music we've released and the brand that we built. However, circumstances have led us to this decision and we feel we cannot continue any longer. All we ask is that the party continues...

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Artist EP Three

Release date: 25.07.2012
Label: boogie boutique
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