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Blackhand Records represents the Club-House label from Belgium launched in middle 90s as a sublabel of Mostiko and is run by Lethal MG.

Lethal MG is considered to be one of Belgiums most legendary harddance artists. Many big hits and remixes from his hand, which turned out to become classics, in combination with memorable performances at big clubs and festivals in Belgium and abroad, gave him a iconic state in the harddance scene. Lethal MG became notorious because of the incredible amount of records that he plays during his DJ sets and his remarkable style of mixing. The compilation CD's that he mixed around 2007 were a milestone in the history of jumpstyle compilations.

At Reverze 2011, he combined forces with Q-IC and Ruthless to bring the most discussed act of the year, "Reverze Flashback, an act of 45 minutes which brought all the classics back to life.

In 2009, just after the huge hit "What Ya Need" was released, Lethal MG decided to work on a first full album. For doing this he decided to stay at the background for a while. During this time he released a few EP's and some succesfull collaborations with other artists. After 3 years of hard work with ups and downs, Lethal MG's first full album "Lethal Injection" was released in 2011. The album contains 17 banging tracks, including collaborations with Dr Rude, Fenix, Q-IC and DJ Liberty. Even before the release the album had big support from all major DJ's and was described as "The best that jumpstyle has to offer at this moment", and "Jump at its best".

After the release of his album Lethal MG continued trying to find the right balance between the new tekstyle sound and his own typical style, which resulted in some great EP's. And even more is coming your way soon.