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Bitshift, besides the label music, represents the progressive trance duo formed by Till Schauder (DJ Motu) and Tommy Exner, and are based in north Germany. In 2003, they started the music project Bitshift. From a young age Till has been playing different instruments like Drums and Percussions. In 1998 his main interest changed to Psychedelic Trance music and started producing his own tracks and playing as a DJ in local parties. Till always tried to create his own style witch combines a pumping and rhythmical action with extra unique elements. Till is also an Event/Sound Engineer which positively exposes him to various musical influences. Tommy started his musical existence in a young age as well; with playing different acoustical instruments, making his first experiences with sounds and melodies. In 1999 he began flashing with Synthesizers and Samplers gradually producing and developing his own style of Electronic music which has a drifty and pushing frequency.

Bitshift music is categorized under Progressive Trance with strong elements of Techno, Psy & Chill. The sound of Bitshift is very groovy with a strong atmospheric and deep harmonic component. Bitshit's sound production and engineering is in a very high standard which smoothly fits to any Progressive Trance / House dance floor. Bitshit's Live Act is well designed for the dance floor and especially fits large outdoor sound systems.

With launching the name with the same name as the band, Bitshift, they have the change to experiment the passion for good music and performance that the duo shares. The label is the perfect tool to expose their own style of music which is a combination of own inspiration and different influences from electronic music.

The label's logo is: '' Music is art, and art is free.''