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Biorecordings represents the Italian independent music label founded in 2011 and focused on Dubtechno, Deep, Ambient, Chillout, IDM.

Members Artists: Urenga, Teemu T, Ocralab, Kyle Erich Schulz, Kogyo, Phase I, Martin Nonstatic, Fabio Scalabroni, Fingers, Brickman, Subforms, Isotroph, Emanuele Pertoldi, Giulio Maresca, Sonitus Eco, Gr-oy, Zzzzra, Chris Cheops, Optic, Finger In the noise, Dubatech, As If, Monobass, Aura Fresh, Tomas Rubeck, Ketapilla, TicK, Berber, N.d, Federsen..more are coming.