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big and dirty



Big & Dirty represents the sublabel of Be Yourself Music and the imprint is a contribution to all house, electro and minimal lovers.

Be Yourself Music is an independent dutch music company specialising in dance and electronic music. Be Yourself Music is already making noise in the world of music since 2005, when ID & T stopped. This fresh music company was founded by the old ID&T Music employees, and their releases contains music styles that varies from Trance, Tech-Trance, House, Electro, until Minimal.

Home of a range of labels like: Big & Dirty Records, Dirty Soul Records, Flamingo Recordings, Garuda Music, Hardsoul Pressings, High Contrast Records, High Contrast Nu Breed, In Charge Records, Derailed Traxx, Get Wipped, Arnej Music, Q dance, Brennan Heart Music and Keep It Up Music.
Itís the bigboynoize, yeah baby! Big Beats and Dirty Sounds, thatís what the Big & Dirty style is all about. From nasty electro influenced house beats to minimal melodic noises, we leave room for everything in-between to join forces.

Big & Dirty own an amazing back catalogue with over 100 releases and a rich artists roster, just to name a few: Fix & Frequency, Benjamin Bates, Phunk-A-Deloc, DJ Delicious, Ricky Rivaro, Dada Life, Phil Funder, Pablo Decoder, Lazy Kay, Impetto, Darren Mase, Death Kay, Twocker, amongst many many others.