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besp music



bespmusic (beatsportmusic):

Label established in 2009 by Zoran Matic and Markus Sittig. Based in Kassel/Germany bespmusic releases mainly electronic dance music between house and techno with influences from jazz over soul to folklore following the classical manufacturing on 12.

bespmusic releases have been charted & supported by Afrilounge, Alex Celler, Alex Niggemann, Andomat3000, Anthony Collins, Brothers´ Vibe, Catz `N Dogz, Chris Lattner, Dan Drastic, Dinky, Emerson Todd, Franksen, Gruber & Nurnberg, Hector, Jamie Anderson, Julien Chaptal, Leon, Marcin Czubala, Meat, Nathan Barato, Pele, Shinedoe, Tim Green, Tini, amm.

Label run by Zoran "Zoka" Matic, Markus Sittig, Rahmi Cian, Basti Fabel, & DJ "Hanz" CreDes.