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beatwax records



Beatwax Records is a fresh Record Label out of the dice around Nuremberg. Founded in 2003 as Recordstore it soon became a Melting Point for the Bavarian Scene and received Top 10 credits in the Groove Mag Year Charts. Beatwax as a label is was launced later on, in 2010 by the label- boss, Marvin Zeyss.

Nuremberg resident Marvin Zeyss is a budding house and techno producer who wears his heart on his sleeve. Although not a musician in the traditional sense, he always had a strong passion for music and began to produce electronic music in 2007. Not being one to subscribe the arguably popular sound of 'minimal techno', Marvin describes his own style as a combination of 'Uncommonly Deep and Techy' and draws influence from life and producers all around the world.

Beatwax is focused on modern organic grooving club music and also organise Parties, create Shirts, Bags & Stuff.

The team like to share the love to this music and the upcoming releases which are presented by good friends and new international talents on Vinyl & Digital and who can be booked through us.

Sublabel: Musicistheanswer (MITA)

Beatwax artists roster is composed from acts such as: Oscar Barila, Sebastian Nielson, Erman Erim, Tom Shopper, Marvin Zeyss, Marc de Vole, TONmotiv, Sergio Parrado, Homebase, Aldo Cadiz, Matthias Kick, and many many others.